As you can imagine, choosing your wedding invitations is a daunting task, only to be exacerbated when you live abroad and can't seem to find what you're looking for. I came across Marina and Stacey's work online, and as soon as I saw their work I knew I had found exactly what I wanted. They were by far, the easiest part of the wedding "process" and their dedication and professionalism was reiterated through each step of designing the invite. I believe they have a genuine gift in translating into reality an idea or an emotion. They seemed to know what I wanted without seeing any swatches, etc as I live 3500 miles away. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with them, and I offer them my highest recommendation. They offer a unique, dedicated service and the result is proven in the detail. The invites truly took my breath away, and I am still receiving compliments on their beauty and quality. Thank you Marina and Stacey, they are truly one of my favourite things about my wedding! -KRISTEN, England
East Six did our invitations, and also our menus, they were FABULOUS. I could not find anything unique, ANYWHERE, and we both felt the invitation was a very important part, as it sets the tone to your guests for what they should expect on your special day. East Six provided special gold envelopes, with embossed gold on the outside, and hand wrote each guests address in special navy blue ink BEAUTIFULLY, they were BREATHTAKING, and we were both 100% satisfied with their work. The invitation itself was as thick as cardboard, which that too, is a needle in a haystack. My husband and I were unsure about WHAT exactly we wanted, but we knew we wanted unique & quality. They sat with us for over an hour and we worked out exactly what we wanted, within our budget. East Six also dealt with my disorganization skills (if that's a word...) since I had to add a few guests, and change a few addresses due to friends moving, they even HAND delivered with their personal courier the last few in NYC!!! Also, East Six was constantly checking up on us, seeing if we got our deliveries, if we liked the product and giving us friendly nudges with due dates, which we NEEDED!! Also, we last minute decided for an extra touch to do menus for the reception, and they promptly did that with only 2 weeks notice. Lastly, the invites even came wrapped beautifully in perfect little white bows, separated perfectly, they made me feel like a princess during this special time when every little thing counts!  Thank you East Six, we may just throw another party for the fabulous invites!! -DEMETRIOS
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